Andrea Koporova

Andrea Koporova

Andrea is a self-taught photographer based in Austria. She was born in Slovakia in 1979 in small town in the middle of the country. Her photography career started in 2011 and she is progressing in her work till nowadays

Andrea prefers taking photos of people, especially women within their living environment. Her work concentrates mainly on emotions. Her special visual styles enrich her photos by atmosphere and depth.

Andrea Koporova produce her own works through self-reflection and self-contemplation. Her work, which is solely shot in color, reflects her interests in expressing the contradictions of society and the direction that we, as humans, are taking in this curious world.

A dominating component of her current work is the fineness of pastel colours, simplicity and minimalism.

The objective of Koporova´ s art is to reflect human experience that will allow the spectator to reflect on their own journey.

Her works has been published in a several prestigious magazines and books. Andrea Koporova won the first place in category “beauty” ND Awards 2014.